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Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and address opportunities and obstacles that disproportionately affect women at Pride and its affiliates.

We believe that by focusing on challenges that are unique to women, it will allow growth and prosperity across our company.

Some womans on a business presencial meeting smiling and having fun while work

What we strive for

  • Career

    Provide programming that supports women’s professional and personal development

  • Community

    Connect and build
    stronger relationships

  • Commerce

    Impact the commercial strength and viability of women and women-owned businesses in our communities

  • Culture

    Raise cross cultural competence & inform policies and procedures that promote inclusion and retention of our female employees


of Pride employees are women

A woman apparently amazed at the number of Pride Global woman employees

Lioness Leadership

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I believe that by addressing obstacles and opportunities faced by women in our firm and the communities we touch, we will enhance the experience of all employees, strengthen the fabric of our company, and improve the service that we provide to our stakeholders.

— Leo Russell, CEO and Founder, Pride Global

Benefits for Women at Pride

Conceptualized by Linda Lautenberg and Judy Schoenberg (Co-Founders of Evolve with editorial direction and design by Pride Global, this collaborative feature discusses the future of post-pandemic work and tips and tricks on how companies and job candidates can succeed.

A picture of the author of the editorial, with what seems to be a report about the editorial


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