Technology Optimization

Pride Technologies, a division of Pride Global, offers customized, innovative and client-centric solutions that address the most critical and complicated business technology challenges. Through discovery workshops and deep technology assessments, we help our clients leverage the best solutions to provide value, meet their specific business objectives and plan for future growth.


In today’s business arena, organizations are challenged with serving their customers better and faster, leveraging their resources to their maximum potential, responding nimbly to ever-changing business demands, and reducing costs across the board. That’s why many companies have identified server virtualization as an integral step in moving their business forward.

Server virtualization allows businesses to:

  1. Reduce capital and operational expenditures
  2. Better utilize server assets (from 15% to more than 70%)
  3. Reduce data center space, power, cooling, and cabling
  4. Operate reliably with greater disaster recovery resiliency and a reduction in the effort and business impact of server refresh projects
  5. React to changing business needs with a more nimble infrastructure
  6. Enable Cloud Computing


No matter your current data storage capacity, we can help you:

  1. Map your current storage environment, providing in-depth insight into your systems
  2. Classify your data to allow for archiving and tiering, where appropriate
  3. Identify the performance and availability requirements of your data
  4. Design a storage strategy that meets your needs and allows for space and performance growth
  5. Architect the ideal storage solution that allows you to access the data you need, when you need it with speed and reliability


We gain an understanding of your business direction and are able to help design an infrastructure that will help to meet those goals. Through a thorough assessment, Pride Global can help:

  1. Lower Capital and Operation Expenses
  2. Reduce downtime from outages and upgrades
  3. Create a scalable, survivable infrastructure by eliminating older STP technologies
  4. Plan and test for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery scenarios
  5. Prepare for distributed computing, SaaS and cloud services
  6. Increase IT productivity through single pane of glass approach

Big Data

Our consultants have the proven expertise and experience to provide solutons in the following areas:

  1. High Performance Computing Architectures
  2. Database Choices for Big Data
  3. Hadoop, MapReduce and their Alternatives
  4. Data Modeling for Big Data
  5. Assessing Analytical Workloads
  6. Unified Information Access
  7. Data Visualization

Cloud Computing

We can help you determine how to leverage Cloud Computing to meet your business needs and exceed your customers’ expectations. Whether your organization needs to build a private, public, or hybrid cloud, we have the know-how to make it work. Specifically, we can:

  1. Design and size your Cloud Computing infrastructure
  2. Develop run-book automation processes
  3. Build a self-service portal where your customers can request the services they need
  4. Enable continuous Cloud infrastructure monitoring to allow the provided services to grow and shrink as necessary to meet service-level requirements
Does your company have an optimized technology infrastructure?