Practicing Patience

Practicing Patience

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“Practicing Patience” -Chanell Leach, Recruiting Manager, PRIDE Health Minneapolis

“Patience means you have to wait, have to wait, have to wait. Patience means you have to wait, but not for very long!” – Start up in Minneapolis, MN.

As children we begin learning this skill that ultimately will be something we work on for the rest of our lives – ‘PATIENCE’.  Shortly after I started at PRIDE Health my daughter and I made our usual trip to the grocery store.  She usually does quite well but this particular day she was not having it.  While standing in line to check out I knew she was on her last string before Losing…Her…Mind. I continually had to ask her to be patient while assuring her it would not be long before we were leaving. All of a sudden she starts singing a song about patience! My heart instantly melted when I heard her sweet little voice singing this song with conviction!  “Patience means you have to wait, have to wait, have to wait. Patience means you have to wait, but not for very long!”

PRIDE Health in Minneapolis is definitely practicing the skill of being ‘patient.’ At times when I feel like I’m not getting anywhere fast enough, I just replay that sweet little girl’s voice in my head and I remember that this is going to take time.  I can be pretty tough on myself, but honestly it works for me!  Some might say I am a little too self-critical but I see it as a constant desire to do better and to push myself to the next level.  I can’t be satisfied with just ‘okay’ when it can always be a little bit better.  I don’t push or promote this on anyone else, however I need it to keep myself in check. Whether it be in my professional career, training for the next half marathon, or simply being a better mother/person for my child and family.  I know that PRIDE-Minneapolis is going to take time and effort. I know I can’t run my next race without putting miles on the track.  I know with everything else it requires patience, and with the desire to never give up I know the results are always worth the wait.

Transitioning over to PRIDE Health has really opened the door for great opportunity.  The people that make up this great team (although states away) encourage and offer support whenever it is needed.  I never have to wait for more than a few minutes before receiving help and on top of that everyone is happy to do it!  I made a great decision to join this team and I am confident that over time I will prove that PRIDE made a great decision on me.  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the PRIDE family.