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Diana Mirakaj-Finnerty

Season 2, Episode 4: The Importance of Recognizing & Valuing Neurodiversity

In a riveting and personal discussion, Diana Mirakaj-Finnerty, Head of US at Specialisterne, shares the challenges autistic and neurodivergent individuals face in the workplace, while detailing solutions employers can implement to practice inclusivity.

Dale Favors

Season 2, Episode 3: Building Strong, Sustainable & Inclusive Networks

With his 25+ years of experience, Dale Favors, the Managing Partner at Adaptive Growth Leadership, joins Kamela to discuss building connections and relationships within a corporate culture that inspire professional growth and create sustainable results.

Brooke Foley

Season 2, Episode 2: Reimagining Brand Impact

Brooke Foley, the pioneering founder of Jayne Agency and It's Not Just Dinner, joins Kamela Forbes to explore brand building, leveraging relationships, and advancing women and minority-owned businesses.

Michelle Sims

Season 2, Episode 1: The Heart of the Staffing Industry

YUPRO CEO Michelle Sims talks with Jenny about her organization’s inspiring mission and how our industry can prioritize the heart of our work: helping others reap the benefits of what they do.

But First, People Season 2 Trailer

Kamela is back—and so is But First, People! Get a sneak peek at the next season in our trailer, and be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting app for more.

Annie Davies

Episode 9: Talent Engagement Is a Team Sport

Jenny asks Pride Global's Annie Davies how she became a pioneer in the emerging field of talent engagement—and how it transforms the way we work.

Kate Goss

Episode 8: Creating Opportunity With Kate Goss

Jenny talks with PrideOne's Kate Goss about the leader's path to the staffing industry—and the work she's done to make it a more welcoming place for women.

Kelly Newman

Episode 7: Staying in the Mental Blue Zone

Emotional-intelligence expert and executive coach Kelly Newman gives Kamela the details on how leaders can foster greater psychologically safety in the workplace.

Dr. Tiffany Dotson

Episode 6: Be Learned, Not Educated

Kamela Forbes is joined by her predecessor at Pride, Dr. Tiffany Dotson, to discuss the DEI professional's journey and how she's teaching leaders to be better followers.

Tim Tobin

Episode 5: Connecting Talent With Tim Tobin

For her first episode hosting But First, People, Jenny Davis talks about the importance of connecting talent with opportunity with Tim Tobin, head of Russell Tobin and Pride Health.

Bridgette Gray

Episode 4: How to Hire Real DEI STARs

But First, People hosts Bridgette Gray from Opportunity@Work to discuss how to reach diverse talent by seeking out STARs with real-life experience.

Dr. Judith Fiona Joseph

Episode 3: Creating a Culture of Wellness

Dr. Judith Joseph chats with But First, People about the tools people need to overcome today’s mental health challenges, at work and in the world.

Alyssa Dver

Episode 2: Let it Be ERG

Alyssa Dver from the ERG Leadership Alliance sits down to chat with Kamela about what Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) bring to today's diverse workplaces.

Leo Russell

Episode 1: Leo Russell on Becoming Decidedly Diverse

Kamela talks with Pride Global CEO Leo Russell to learn how the Brazilian-born business leader’s firm came to be even more Decidedly Diverse.

But First, People Trailer

Meet our host, Kamela Forbes, and get a sneak peek at what Pride's first podcast will deliver — and how you can subscribe today.