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“I can see myself at Pride Global for years to come!”


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Lou’s Story

Lou the “Lovable” Lion was born in Antananarivo, Madagascar on July 21, 2008. In human years, Lou’s in his mid-twenties and fresh off of a stint playing Simba in the Broadway production of The Lion King. He was discovered by an American Talent Scout in a student performance while in his Senior Year as an undergraduate at Madagascar State College where he majored in Communications.


Lou was offered a contract on the spot to play Simba on Broadway. He was both grateful for the opportunity to move to New York City and dejected about leaving his homeland of Madagascar.


With his father’s blessing, Lou accompanied the Broadway Talent Scout on a flight to JFK to pursue his dream of being an actor. After a successful season of captivating audiences with his charm and emotion on the stage, Lou decided to shift his career focus. Although he enjoyed acting, he knew his true passion was in internal communications.


Lou’s immense cuteness and staggering work ethic made him a high-demand prospect for companies looking to energize their corporate culture. In July of 2016, Lou the Lion discovered an opening as Director of Culture with Pride Global. He has been their Heart & Soul ever since.


In his spare time, Lou likes to explore New York City and bond with his co-workers. Lou loves his life and his new job at Pride Global.


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Follow Lou’s career and life journey on Instagram or join Lou at Pride Global by sending an email with your resume to Director of Marketing Allen Yesilevich. Mention Lou in the subject line to get the red carpet treatment!

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