Connecting the World of IT to Cincinnati

Connecting the World of IT to Cincinnati

Pride Tech

Greater Cincinnati is a driving force in the nation’s IT community. Pride Technologies believes this deserves wider attention and is thrilled to be a part of it. No longer are the East and West coasts the only places where innovation and technology find fertile soil.

While Cincinnati has a rich history of bringing innovation to life, many business and IT leaders outside the region have not recognized or appreciated the region’s vast contributions to technology. Pride Technologies not only appreciates these contributions, but also understands how businesses benefit from a region’s dedication to technology and innovation. To encourage this dedication, Pride Technologies is committed to connecting Cincinnati with the rest of the world’s best possible talent and tools.

Great organizations realize that interlacing innovation and practical solutions takes more than business acumen and technical expertise. It takes personal relationships where innovation and practical solutions can collide and collaborate. Today’s leaders devote more time finding the right personnel fit for their organizations than discovering precise knowledge and skills sets. Even more, IT is progressing beyond the simple transaction of goods and services between business executives and IT groups, replacing that model with relationships powered by trust and driven by strategic insight.

The biggest challenge threatening successful businesses in the region isn’t what one would expect. It isn’t connection with customer base or market differentiation, value propositions or leadership structure. Most business and IT executives agree that the biggest challenge to enterprise success is securing a talented IT workforce. This happens primarily by retaining Cincinnati’s best technology student graduates, as well as attracting global leaders to Greater Cincinnati.

Pride Technologies is invested in promoting Greater Cincinnati to the technology-rich regions of the country and the world. We have spent time with key IT leadership in order to understand the expectations put upon them, as well as how businesses strive to achieve their goals. This knowledge enables us to connect the global IT networks with the needs of the local IT community. In this way, Pride Technologies serves as a “talent gateway” by tapping into our national and global locations, utilizing our strategic offices in the Midwest (Cincinnati, Columbus and Minneapolis), the East Coast (New York, Philadelphia and Miami), the West Coast (San Mateo, California) and around the world (Chennai, India, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Historically, Cincinnati’s hardworking, humble and brilliant IT professionals have kept their boasting to a minimum, despite having nurtured innovation and implemented the best technology in significant ways. Now, however, it’s time to shout those achievements from our rooftops for the rest of the world to hear; it’s time to believe that the soil here is rich with innovation and primed for continuous technological advancement.