A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

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“A Fresh Start”- Marc Getzoff, Intern, PRIDE Global

Life and work at school is rarely easy. Between the constant papers and too-often long-winded lectures, there is little downtime to relax and digest everything that happened. That’s not to mention the exams every week and the ten-page problem sets that I believe are meant more for testing the ability to stay awake than any comprehension of the course material.

It’s a shame, because I really need some time in the day to reflect and comprehend what I learned that day. The opportunity to not just learn, but to understand what I learned and how I learned it are crucial for my development in the professional world. Sadly, at other jobs, I often found that I either didn’t learn anything or I didn’t have the time for understand what it was I did.

I have worked in a variety of fields, each one promising yet falling short of what I needed, which is work that teaches me and time to digest the lesson. I worked as a delivery driver for a sushi place and that was…..interesting. The pay was decent and besides a few people who stiffed me, the experience was quite pleasant. But besides a craving for sushi, there wasn’t much I could take from the experience that seemed to impact my understanding of how to develop as a professional.

My work in a startup in Syracuse provided exactly the opposite. No pay, go figure! There was rarely any time to breathe so even when I accomplished something, I would never be able to deconstruct my experience in order to realize how I did it or what I should do next time. All I could do was try my best the next day and see if I could get similar results.

Here at PRIDE, I have found my niche. PRIDE is sophisticated, comforting, and yet developing to be better at what it does every day. Through working on long-term constructive projects that entail understanding the dynamics of this firm, I am able to obtain insights that will help me wherever I go. Deconstruction, understanding, and building.

Those are the stages I have become familiar with and those ideas are now dear to me as I pursue a future now armed with the ability to understand the professional world.